Esquire Logistics Commercial Moving – South Florida’s Leader in Business Relocation

When relocating office and operational space for your business you can rely on the trained professionals of Esquire Logistics. With over 10 years experience in moving South Florida businesses, we will work with you on a carefully planned execution of your move by coordinating with you and your team members from start to finish and come within your budget.

Esquire Logistics is your business partner for all your commercial moving needs. Meeting the critical steps in every commercial move→

  • Budgets
  • Objectives
  • Timelines
  • Departmental coordination
  • Turnkey efficiency

Cost effective Time efficient Minimal downtime

Whether the move is internal in your existing facility or moving across town or across Florida let Esquire Logistics be your choice for your company’s move:

Consulting: When you need an expert, call a commercial moving team member of Esquire Logistics. Experienced in all phases of commercial moves, we offer all the help you need for a efficient, hassle-free move.

Planning: A well executed plan is the key to the efficiency of physically moving your organization. To ensure that you have a complete list of the details, work with the experienced staff of Esquire Logistics. We offer detail-oriented, professional recommendations to make your move hassle-free

Moving: The day of your move has to run like clockwork. Through an established, streamlined system, our team of trained professionals will dismantle, pack, unpack, reconstruct, reconfigure, set-up, remove debris and ensure that each item is carefully placed at its final destination. From first box to final walk-through, Esquire Logistics strives for your organization’s uninterrupted productivity!

Our team becomes your team when it comes to relocating your workspace:

- Reorganizations   – Expansion   – Consolidations   – Office space rehab

It’s our business to get your business up and running again!