Freight Services

Air Freight Service in Miami

Esquire Logistics’ fleet of vehicles is available to handle all of your company’s cargo and air freight needs. Our central location allows us to quickly retrieve and tender cargo to brokers, forwarders, shipping companies, and airlines. Our fleet contains TSA certified drivers for shipments via South Florida’s airports.

Esquire Logistics can quickly recover your air freight, and deliver them safely to its destinations – or store in our secure warehouse facility for future distribution. We handle all your transportable goods & provide best innovative ideas to get you job done. Some of the services that we provide are:

  1. Relocation Services
  2. Last Mile Delivery
  3. Warehouse Housing

Our services are much better than any other organization because of the following reasons:

We are having an expert panel involved in transporting home furnishing items, large screen televisions, textiles, kitchen cabinets, and work out equipment and machinery, retail sales displays, and oversized medical equipment. We have the best tracking services in which customer can track their goods in real time scenario at any instance of time. We have highly skilled customer care staff who are present 24/7 for your help.

Through strategic partnerships, Esquire Logistics can transport your inbound cargo from South Florida throughout the country with proper packaging so as to avoid any unwanted hassle or damage to the transportable goods We also provides a line haul of services throughout the South East United States as an affordable option for moving your air freight throughout the region without any further concerns. For more information on our air freight transportation capabilities, please go to our website at: